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🌻 Monday, Monday 🌻

Good afternoon! Today is Monday July 20, 2020. This morning I woke up super early (6:10 am), and couldn't fall back asleep. I definitely felt off when I woke up. I have no doubt the stress my body endured on Friday, coupled with not much physical activity over the last two days made for an unusually off early morning. Although my body was functioning, as I stood up to get out of bed, I could feel myself pitching forward. In other words, I wasn't standing up straight, but rather my upper body was hunched over. As stated in an earlier blog entry, I am slow moving first thing in the morning. After I take my first dose of Rytary and Inbrija, I know that this yucky feeling will pass. It always does! Since today was Monday, I had a pilates class at 9:30 am. Once my meds kicked in (8:20 am), I got dressed, and began to stretch. I still felt weird and a little fatigued as class started. When I feel this way, it would be very easy to just not do class and go back to bed. I dig deep and remind myself that I need to keep moving. Cecelia's classes never disappoint and I always feel amazing when class ends. I have to say that Giving Up is no longer in my vocabulary or thoughts.

Today was a really good day! I took my meds on time and only had to use Inbrija once this afternoon. It is now 7 pm and I feel great! I am outside on my front porch sitting on my Adirondack super comfy chair. There is a beautiful cool breeze blowing, and I am so enjoying this moment. For me, it is all about the small things, because in the end it's the small things that mean the most. Have a Beautiful evening.

☀️ Sunflowers are Happy flowers.... They follow the Light 🌻

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