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Introductory Workshop


The centerpiece of the P4P program is 

the Pilates Method.  

P4P Introductory Workshop for Pilates Instructors & Movement Professionals

The 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercises
if you have Parkinson's disease

Understanding Parkinson's disease...

PD is a neurodegenerative condition for which there is currently no cure.  The best approach to living with this condition is to adapt the motto of P4P: encourage, educate, empower, EXERCISE!  Let us help you preserve your movement independence.

The centerpiece of the P4P program is the Pilates Method. The Pilates Method is the ideal fitness training modality for all stages of Parkinson's disease. 

  • Develop strong core musculature

  • Support upright posture and possibly alleviate back pain

  • Improve spinal mobility

  • strengthen the musculoskeletal system overall

  • preserve ambulation and gait


Exercise principles of the Pilates Method include breathing, axial elongation, core control, spine articulation, alignment, centering, concentration, and movement integration, all of which enhance physical and mental awareness, and are relevant to maintaining fluid movement in each stage of Parkinson’s disease. 


This P4P workshop emphasizes EXERCISE and focuses on 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease.   This correlates directly to exercise as a primary lifestyle component, and Pilates as the safest, most effective, and easily accessible fitness training modality for all ages, physical types, and stages of PD.  


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5th edition -11_13 P4P Intro Workshop Live presentation.jpg

This is a 5 hour workshop which is divided into the following parts: 

Workshop Title: Pilates 4 Parkinson's - Understanding Parkinson's and the 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO"

                         Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease

Part 1 - .PDF file with information about the series, how to proceed, asessments and references


Part 2 - Video presentation: Understanding Parkinson's 

Part 3 - Video presentation:  An Understanding of the Pilates 4 Parkinson's (P4P) program and how it works 

Part 4 - Video presentation:  The 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease - Specifics and relevance of each of the 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" 

Part 5 - Video presentation:  The 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease - an Instructor's guide to the movements  


This 5 part workshop series is designed to explain how and why the P4P Method of exercise programming works best for people with Parkinson's disease, and teaches the 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease.  The workshop is open to Pilates and fitness professionals who are interested in working with clients who have Parkinson's disease in any stage.  The exercise programs are meant to be practiced daily as a lifestyle augmentation.


Exercising daily with the P4P Method will enhance functional movement, prolong independent living, ensure the most optimal quality of life possible, and help someone with Parkinson's disease

Preserve Movement Independence! 

We can help with that!

To book this 5 part Workshop, select each workshop and add to your cart.  Select a date any Monday or Friday, register and you will receive the workshop content by email within 48 hours.  You do not have to wait until a Monday or Friday to purchase or take the workshop.

Workshop Highlights include:

  • Introduction to Parkinson's disease - basic neuroscience, physiology, symptoms and stages of Parkinson's disease 

  • Introduction to Pilates 4 Parkinson’s - why we exist, What is the P4P Method and how Pilates instructors can help

  • How do we use Pilates in the programming? Why is it ideal for people with Parkinson’s disease? Pilates Principles and application of exercises to Stages of Parkinson's disease

  • Correlations between the Pilates Method principles and the needs of people w/ PD

  • Relevance and deeper dive explanation into each of the mini-sets

  • The 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease - Instructor's Guide

  • 5 NPCP continuing education credits

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