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Caregiving is an expression of love.

Foot soldiers on the front lines of Parkinson's disease

Caregiving of someone with Parkinson's disease may be one of the most loving things anyone can do.  It can also be one of the most isolating and emotionally, physically, and mentally debilitating experiences too.  Nevertheless, the tenderness and love of a family member and friend is nothing short of a true blessing.

Caregiving relationships are unique and can evolve into stronger bonds between two people, or deteriorate a relationship due to the unequivocable stress from overwhelm.  Once someone you love is diagnosed with PD, lifestyle changes will be inevitable for everyone connected to that person.  Gaining the best understanding one can achieve about the condition, and accepting the many changes that must be made, will facilitate maintaining quality of life for all individuals involved.

Many disagreeable feelings may arise from caregivers, and that is completely natural, since being a bastion of strength and a warrior on the front lines of PD simultaneously, can push anyone to their outer limits.  It is important for care givers to implement self care strategies as well.  Remember that keeping yourself healthy and strong, increases the odds exponentially of keeping your loved with PD, healthy and strong as well.  

Special notes from Caregivers

A special note

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Tips for Caregivers​


  • It's ok to feel your feelings - Recognize your feelings, talk about your feelings to those who will listen, and let go of guilt.  

  • Combat stress & difficult emotions in productive ways Maybe you'll exercise, journal, or meditate... whatever it is, do your best to find effective ways to release negative feelings.  Do your best to set anger aside by constantly reminding yourself that the circumstances are beyond your control.

  • Learn effective coping strategies - Community services and resources are available to help you manage constructive behavior while addressing your feelings and needs. 


  • Recognize depression and other negative state emotions and immediately seek support.  If you begin to feel as though you are losing perspective and falling into a depressive state, seek professional help. Remember that your mental and emotional well-being are important if you are to be a caregiver.


  • Find ways to productively or enjoyably pass the time while your loved one with PD takes a bit longer to manage tasks that they are still able to do.  this will help lessen frustration and resentment.

  • Talk to yourself, laugh at yourself... Be your own best cheerleader using positive self-talk, and find the humor in every situation.

  • Support groups and support in general can help a lot Find a caregiver community or mobilize friends, family, or even hire help if it will diminish negative feelings and improve your morale.  Taking advantage of helpful resources available at your disposal will result in optimal caregiving. 


  • Have fun developing the new normal.  With PD, life will take on a new sense of "normal".  Have fun with it, and know that nothing has to be the same or perfect.

  • Make time for yourself. To be the best caregiver possible, you need to love and accommodate yourself too.  Find a way and get others to help and step in on a regular basis, so you can pay attention to yourself and enjoy your life a bit too!

Caregiver FREE class

FREE Class for Caregivers

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If you're a Caregiver of someone who has Parkinson's disease, and just need a break, join us for some gentle stretches and a light exercise workout to keep you strong, balanced, and "going".  Sign up for a FREE Stretch & Pre-Pilates class - no experience necessary and work at your own pace in the privacy of your own space.  And don't worry about anything, the class is on us!  Just click the AURA logo above to go to the website, and register for the class.  Enter the promo code "CARE" at check out, and click the little arrow to the right > this will activate the code and change the cost to $0.  If you need a little help please contact us.  Bring your mat and water, and see you in class!

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