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Parkinson's Foundation to make a difference in the lives of those living with PD

Thank you for visiting this page and for caring enough to help support this great cause.  Nearly 1 million people in the US. are living with Parkinson's disease, with men 1.5 times more likely to develop PD than women.  For a person with Parkinson’s disease and all those who care about them, this is an extremely difficult journey to tread.  No one should go through this alone.

One of the best ways that so many people with Parkinson's disease learn to manage their condition, is by finding a community of support from organizations like the Parkinson's Foundation, or Parkinson's Resources of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  Both are non-profit organizations with the sole mission of improving the lives of people living with PD and advancing towards a cure.


Pilates 4 Parkinson’s (P4P) is a part of that support community, and we participate annually in the Parkinson's Foundation "Moving Day" Event in Spring and the Parkinson's Resources of Oregon "SOLE SUPPORT" event in Fall.  We at P4P are proud to be in a community alliance with these organizations to help raise funds, awareness and support for people on the Parkinson's journey.  


The mission of Pilates 4 Parkinson's is to Preserve Movement Independence by providing simple, effective, and affordable exercise training, relative to disease stage, and based on the principles of the Pilates Method.  It is through our top notch exercise programming and education, that we can provide powerful, and positive and achievable results to improve the quality of life for a person with Parkinson's disease and all those who love them...  

Your support in the form of a donation in any amount is not only appreciated, but greatly enhances efforts to help people with Parkinson's disease and significantly improve their lives.

Thank you for your support! Cecilia

Thanks for helping!

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