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What is Auxiliary Support?
and why is it important?

Auxiliary support refers to the wide variety of health and wellness professionals who can help a person with Parkinson's disease maintain quality of life.  These professionals support physical, mental, and emotional health outside of primary care physicians, neurologists and pharmacological treatments.  There is a lot one can do to retain as much functional movement and independent quality of life outside of doctors and medications.

Bowl of vegetables


Eating a healthful diet can help to attenuate disease progression and reduce the risk of diet-related problems.
Person getting back massage

Manual Therapy & Fascia

Manipulating soft tissue can help overcome pain and movement dysfunction
Senior attending physical therapy

Personal Trainers

Exercise to retrain the brain to manage symptoms and slow disease progression.
Two people in counseling session

Emotional Counselors

Mental health professionals are available to offer support and keep feelings of overwhelm at bay. 
Book of Chinese acupuncture techniques

Chinese Medicine

An alternative and effective method to treat neuro-degenerative disorders
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