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Learn as much as you can about PD so as your body changes, you will be able to maintain a firm sense of self, knowing what may be happening to you, and how you can modify to accommodate for those changes.


Participate in Your Own Health Care - ask your doctor every question you can think of, and if you are too overwhelmed, always bring someone who can advocate for you and listen for you. Sometimes listening skills are overshadowed by emotion and PD patients are listening for only the one thing they want to hear while discounting all the other information (for example: will this new medication help me drive better?).  Also, sometimes it's difficult to understand 'Doctor language' although most doctors will hopefully take the time to explain everything until you are completely clear on all points. Ask permission if you can record your appointment so that you can research some of the things the doctor or therapist says later.


Maintain Your Independence - do as much as you can by yourself even if it takes more time (budget more time for yourself knowing you may need it to complete tasks that used to be mindless/easy, i.e., getting dressed in the morning).


Consistently follow your Self Care Plan - Exercise, Eat healthfully, maintain a low stress level, and take your medications on time!

Woman with parkinson's working on Pilates Chair


Get Educated.  Knowledge is empowering.  Click these resources.

You have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  Now what?  Here find some of the best resources with a brief description to save you time and energy.  Our hope is that this information will help guide you as you begin to navigate your way through understanding the diagnosis.  It is important that you learn as much as possible about your condition, and stay updated on the latest findings. 

Resources - PD
Parkinson's Foundation logo

Resources and emphasis on harnessing a community: people living with PD, families, caregivers, scientists, donors, advocates, and volunteers, to help one live a better life with PD, while advancing towards a cure. Funds Research.

MJFF logo

They always have the latest clinical trials and research. Absolute focus is to find a cure at any cost, $.88 of every dollar donated goes to research.  Development of improved therapies for those living with PD today. 

APDA logo

Largest grassroots network dedicated to fighting Parkinson’s disease. Outstanding patient services and educational programs, and large network of Chapters and Information & Referral (I&R) Centers

Davis Phinney logo

Inspiring those with PD to live well now! Promotes high intensity exercise, healthy eating habits, and quality sleep, to slow disease progression.  Covers all aspects of living well and maintaining quality of life.

MOTTO:  Better lives. Together.

MOTTO:  Here. Until Parkinson's isn't.

MOTTO: Strength in optimism.  Hope in progress.

MOTTO:  Live well with Parkinson's TODAY!

International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society European Section logo

MOTTO:  Advance. Improve. Educate. Collaborate.

Promotes education, research and scientific symposiums. Thorough explanations of various Movement Disorder rating scales.

world parkinson coalition logo

MOTTO:  Bringing the Parkinson's community together

Hosts the only international forum on Parkinson's disease inviting  everyone to learn about the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices, and care initiatives that improve the lives of people living with Parkinson's disease

Mayo Clinic logo

MOTTO: none listed

General information: symptoms and causes, diagnosis and treatment, doctors and departments, care at MAYO Clinic.

EPDA logo

MOTTO:  none listed

Advocates for people living with PD and their families to get correct and timely information, early and appropriate treatment for people with PD, raise awareness, largest European PD organization.

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