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Pilates Masters share their thoughts and experiences

Lolita san Miguel, Pilates elder

Lolita San Miguel

First Generation Pilates Master


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The emphasis on breathing, coordination, concentration, posture, flexibility, gait, axial elongation, alignment and relaxation, will benefit Parkinson patients immensely.

Suzanne L. Martin, Pilates Scoliosis and Spinal Asymmetry specialist.jpg

Pilates Therapeutics


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Dr. Suzanne Martin, DPT, NCPT-PMA, CLT

Author, Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis

A Pilates Method Movement Educator (PMME) is uniquely qualified to work with those who have chronic neurological conditions, if they have received specialized post-certificate education in the condition of the Parkinson’s disorder.  In this way, the PMME adds not only adjunct exercises but an enhanced environment that assists with the psychosocial elements so necessary to optimize the current capability of the participant.

Laura gideon, Pilates and Therapeutic Movement Professional


formula for a healthy lifestyle

Laura Gideon, 

M.S. -  Clinical Exercise Physiologist 

CPT -  NASM Certified Personal Trainer  

CES  Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, The Biomechanics Method  

IMX Certified Pilates Instructor 


"Pilates has been the bulk of our exercise session menu and I have seen not only gains in Eddies muscle and joint strength, in addition to stability, mobility and flexibility but a slowing of his disease progression." 

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Mariska Breland, Pilates Teacher specializing in Multiple Sclerosis


Co-Founder of The Neuro Studio
Certified Pilates Teacher
MS Patient Since 2002


Co-Founder of The Neuro Studio
Certified Pilates Teacher
MA in Applied Physiology

"Pilates focuses on how the entire body works together"

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