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Become a P4P
Certified Instructor

You could be helping someone with Parkinson's disease right now...

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Whether you're a Pilates studio owner, independent Pilates Teacher, or movement professional, the Pilates 4 Parkinson's Instructor Course Certification will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely and effectively work with someone who has Parkinson's disease, in any stage.  One person is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease every 9 minutes.  The odds are high that you already know or have met someone with Parkinson's disease, who could use your guided help.

Here's what P4P-ICC program graduates say...

Above the Clouds
deborah marcus image.jpeg

Deborah Marcus
Movement Refinery Pilates Studio

This course provided a detailed overview of the current scientific understanding of PD, beautifully addressed the complex issues that manifest with clients as their PD progresses, and gave the experienced Pilates teacher a methodical and well organized bag of tools with which to help their PD clients.


An unexpected but greatly appreciated benefit of this course was the relevance to my non-PD, older adult client population.

mary jane mathis image.jpeg

Mary Jane Mathis
Just Duet Pilates Studio

Cecilia brings a wealth of knowledge, research and experience in presenting this course.  I feel like I gained in depth knowledge on how to train people with PD.  She's very passionate about her work and thorough with her training program.

Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 1.36.28 AM.png

Jessica Hadala
Itinerant Pilates Teacher

The course content was absolutely a ton, without being complete overload.  I loved that I constantly felt like I was learning new terminology for every few things I was familiar with. My favorite part was following along with the 11 "ABSOLUTE MUST DO" Exercise mini-sets if you have Parkinson's disease.  The progressions and regressions each week left me feeling sore and rejuvenated.... I'm so excited I found this program.  It's just what I have been needing to take my Pilates practice to the next level.  


Level 1 - Course Outline - P4P Instructor Certification Course Overview

In an effort to alleviate the guesswork of where to begin exercise with a person who has Parkinson’s disease (PD), this course is designed to prepare Pilates instructors and movement professionals with a clearly defined structure.  Although PD presents itself differently in each individual, P4P proposes stage appropriate, standardized guidelines for movement pre-habilitation, post rehabilitation support, and overall movement preservation, based on neuroscience and the Pilates Method of exercises. 


Program participants will learn the following:


  • Gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Parkinson's disease, physiology and stages 

  • What is the P4P Method of programming and the aspects that comprise it

  • How and why to structure programming for people with PD based on the P4P model

  • How to apply Pilates exercises as a primary training mode while also adapting exercises from other training modalities when necessary


Goals of the course:


  1. To educate fitness professionals about Parkinson’s disease and how to work with individuals with PD using the Pilates Method as a primary training modality

  2. To review secondary training modalities to prepare and fully equip Pilates professionals with auxiliary training modalities that can best help to optimize functional movement and physical fitness in people with PD

  3. Help people with PD attenuate disease progression by creating new neural pathways, maintaining existing ones, and changing inputs to the nervous system to elicit the most optimal movement possible

  4. Apply the P4P Method for people with PD, to promote a sense of self-efficacy in performing activities of daily living (ADL), to support independent lifestyle longevity, and to preserve a pillar of autonomy in disease control which is exercise.


Until there is a cure, our goal is to help people with PD stay independent for as long as possible by incorporating Pilates exercises into their daily lives. The basic principles of the Pilates Method of exercise can help one to achieve optimal balance, coordination, flexibility and posture among many other physical benefits. Exercising daily with Pilates can have a tremendous impact on movement freedom, and that translates to better quality of life. We can help with that!

AGENDA - P4P Instructor Certification Course - Level 1

There are 8 sections in this 20 hour course.  Each section has multiple and in depth segments to cover. The course is content dense covering topics in neuro-musculo-skeletal anatomy, physiology, fascia and neuroscience, and requires movement and knowledge of the Pilates mat repertoire. This is a continuing education course and not a Pilates Mat Repertoire certification program. This program is designed to augment already existing knowledge and skills about the Pilates Mat Repertoire, and offer a specialization of application of the Method to support people with Parkinson's disease.  This program is open to Pilates Teachers or fitness/movement professionals who have completed a comprehensive Pilates Mat work certification as a minimum pre-requisite to take this course.  Please contact us for further details. 

Begin with an orientation, and overview of course objectives and goals

  1. Understanding Parkinson’s - physiology, etiology, basic neuropathology, manifestations, and stages, treatment protocols including DBS, standard medications, prodromal symptoms and more…

  2. Learn the Pilates 4 Parkinson’s Method, SPACE, P4P stages, the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) when working with people with PD

  3. Review of the Pilates Method, principles, select mat repertoire, and exercises on apparatus and how to apply the repertoire to people with PD, 11 “ABSOLUTE MUST DO”... on Pilates Apparatuses

  4. Learn Auxiliary training modes & when/why to use them (7pm, PoMP, PaKua, ELDOA, TRX)

  5. Learn about Scoliosis, spinal asymmetry, Fascia, Ambulation & Gait

  6. Learn how to use P4P formats, Assessments, Client Consult Forms 

  7. Learn the basic Neuroscience of PD, Neural Continuums, Neuro-cognitive approaches, the Cerebellum

  8. Learn to write programming & session formats, what are red flags, and how to cue for PD

Final projects, practical application, what’s next…


Note: Assessments in the form of a short quiz will be given at the end of each section to reflect back on the material covered.

Please contact us for more information and an application.  Payment plans also available.  20 NPCP  CECs awarded upon completion.

Need the right Pilates Comprehensive Instructor training?

Become a Certified Pilates Instructor with the BEST


Claire Sparrow - Polestar & Chapel Allerton Pilates

Cecilia Pulido - Pilates4Parkinsons & Pilates AURA

Sarah Artha Negara - Balanced Body & Bali Body Pilates

Lolita San Miguel & Cecilia Pulido

Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel (center) with Pilates Legacy Educators, Cecilia Pulido, Sarah Artha Negara, Jill Ann Pineda, Gail Forrester, and Dani Hanson.


Learn the Pilates Method through the Lolita Legacy Program, the original program of one of the last living Pilates elders, Lolita San Miguel.  The Lolita Legacy program is a 500+ hour comprehensive Pilates certification program, taught by Legacy Educator and 2nd Generation Pilates Master Cecilia Pulido.

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