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How I came to know Parkinson's...

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About Cecilia Pulido, NCPT, MS-AES-HMS, 2nd Generation Pilates Master Teacher

I began working with Parkinson’s Disease, when a young adolescent boy was brought into my fitness studio by his mother, who had hoped to find some effective therapeutic movement for her son. Her son was symptomatic of Parkinson's disease, and formally diagnosed with juvenile Parkinson’s at the age of 8. The boy started with me when he was in his early teens. At the time, I was not a certified Pilates instructor but taught movement through an Ancient Chinese Knowledge called Pa Kua. The Pa Kua (or Ba Gua) includes Chinese style Martial Arts, Tai Chi Chuan, and Sintonia (Chinese Yoga), among many other Chinese Arts and Sciences. Additionally, all of the Pilates exercises I taught at that time were based on the Pilates Mat repertoire. 

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The training makes             programming special and effective.

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If you are interested in becoming a Certified Pilates4Parkinsons Trainer, contact us for details and certification dates.  Courses open to Pilates instructors who have one or more of the following credential:

  • already successfully completed a comprehensive Pilates Mat Certification

  • successfully completed a minimum 450 hour Pilates comprehensive certification 

  • can successfully test out at various levels of Pilates Mat work

*preferably NPCP certified. 

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