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P4P Certified Instructors

These Pilates teachers and movement professionals have completed a comprehensive education and training program to significantly expand their understanding of Parkinson's disease (PD), and how to best support people with this condition through exercise.  The P4P in depth training program includes the physiology and neuroscience behind the disease.  Instructors are taught how to consider the psychological, emotional, and physical affects that a person with PD may be experiencing, and to take into account the side effects of various dopaminergic medications. 


The course content teaches how specifically and safely to guide and support individuals through therapeutic and post rehabilitative movement, with the primary goal of helping to preserve the client's movement independence. Most importantly, the P4P Instructor Certificate Course substantially augments the trainers ability to evaluate and ascertain potential movement asymmetries, and functional movement problems, and to work with the client to attenuate or avert more rapid movement degeneration.


Our graduates are up skilled to use their already established base knowledge of kinematics, fascia, musculo-skeletal anatomy and basic physiology, to help clients maintain upright posture, improve spinal mobility, and preserve ambulation and gait.  Parkinson's patients can feel comfortable and safe when working with a P4P certified instructor.  Pilates 4 Parkinson's instructors are highly conscious of multiple aspects of the disease condition, caring, and clear on what needs to be done to preserve the movement independence for people on the PD journey and their loved ones.  Look for this window decal in a studio near you, or consult our directory for a list of specially trained instructors. 

We care.  We can help!

Look for this sign:

Learn more about continuing education offerings, and P4P Instructor Certificate Courses.  You could be helping someone with Parkinson's disease now! 
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P4P Certified Instructor
Cecilia Pulido
Eugene, Oregon USA
Hong Jo Jun
Seoul, Korea
Jung Ariel Hwanmun
Seoul, Korea
Patricia Velazquez Curet
San Juan, Puerto Rico USA
Tere Lopez
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Mary Jane Mathis
Denver, Colorado USA
Jessica Hadala
Denver, Colorado USA
Deborah Marcus
San Mateo, California USA
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