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🌹Inbrija Takes Center Stage🌹

Good morning beautiful people. Today is Tuesday July 14, 2020. This morning I woke up at 7 am. I ate cereal and took my first meds at 7:45 am. I went back to bed to wait out Rytary's side effects. I am so happy to say that on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 means really sick), the side effects were definitely a 1. I popped out of bed at 8:30 ready to go. I have been waiting patiently to start private pilates sessions with Cecilia. Today was the day! It went really well. Today’s session was about assessing my strengths and areas of need. The assessment results will help guide Cecilia as she prepares a special program for me. As homework, she gave me specific postural exercises to work on. These exercises will help to realign my spine so I can stand up straighter. Once she left, I took my second dose of Rytary and started my day. I have three dogs, so I went out back to play with them. It was an easy relaxing day. A construction crew pulled up at about 8 am and blocked off my street, so I decided it wasn't worth asking them to let me thru.

Right before my 3 pm dosage, I started feeling weird and run down. Again, when I feel an off period starting, I break out the Inbrija to "rescue" me. Unfortunately, the inhaler (Inbrija) was not puncturing the capsules correctly during my 3:00 dosage, so I didn't get the full dose of Inbrija into my body. Around 5:20 pm, I started feeling uncomfortable in my skin again. I had once again entered into that off period, since the 3 pm Inbrija dosage didn't actually get into my system. Since I was able to inhale a full dose at 5:30, I started to feel better (but it took a while). Unfortunately, I was spent form the off periods, so I rested for the remainder of the evening. I am exhausted now, and getting ready for bed. Sleep well!

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