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Find out what is the Pilates Method and why choose Pilates exercise for your loved one

Take heart and find out what other caregivers are saying, your experiences and concerns are shared

There are alternative health and wellness professionals  who can help a person with PD maintain quality of life

Caregiving can be overwhelming, it's important to care for yourself too. Take a FREE class.

Get Educated. 

LIVE practical application workshops and training to up skill Caregivers

Caregiver helping patient exercise
Top Takeaways:
1.  most common PT exercises for hip, knee, shoulder, low back

2.  how to do them yourself, how to do them with Senior clients

3.  what they're for, and  +modifications, regressions, progressions
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Caregiver helping patient up after fall
Top Takeaways:
1.  fall prevention

2.  catching a fall, picking someone up from the ground

3.  exercises for Caregivers to strengthen the core, back and shoulders
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Caregiver exercising
Top Takeaways:
1.  importance of exercise, how it affects the body & brain

2.  learn the Essential Exercise Mini-sets for Seniors and why they're important

3.  how to teach, cue, modify, regress, and progress the exercises
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FREE Class for Caregivers

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If you're a Caregiver of someone who has Parkinson's disease, and just need a break, join us for some gentle stretches and a light exercise workout to keep you strong, balanced, and "going".  Sign up for a FREE Stretch & Pre-Pilates class - no experience necessary and work at your own pace in the privacy of your own space.  And don't worry about anything, the class is on us!  Just click the AURA logo above to go to the website, and register for the class.  Enter the promo code "CARE" at check out, and click the little arrow to the right > this will activate the code and change the cost to $0.  If you need a little help please contact us.  Bring your mat and water, and see you in class!

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