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Good Evening everyone. Today is Saturday, November 21, 2020. I hope you are having a comfy cozy evening! The image you see before you is a pix of me in my living room on the reformer. I am doing an arm exercise to help strengthen my right arm. Pilates gives me a full body stretch and strengthen workout, whether I am on a reformer or doing a Mat class. Pilates4parkinsons gives me specific exercises which are tailored to my physical issues. The key to a great zen class is to find an instructor who knows the body inside and out. In my case, I also looked for someone who not only was adept at anatomy and kinesiology, but who preferably works with PD clients. How did I find her? I happened to be in the right class at the right time. Because I have a very strong background in dance, I am blessed with the capability of knowing within 5 minutes whether or not a person knows their stuff. Cecilia happened to be subbing for a class I was enrolled in. I knew almost immediately that she was the one I needed on my team. Tiny miracles! I had just mentioned to a friend the day before that I was looking for someone who would be interested in working with me privately at my house and there she was! The rest as they say is "HerStory".

As you know by now, I am a huge advocate for Pilates. I had been practicing Pilates for about three months before I began noticing weird things happening with my body. But as quickly as my body felt different, it suddenly changed and I felt like me again. Once that weirdness came back with a vengeance, I clearly needed to get help. My original Neurologist who suspected I had PD was the one who ordered the DatScan, which ultimately led to my diagnosis. I don't remember a whole lot of what we spoke about on diagnosis day. However, I do recall how pleased he was to hear that I was taking Pilates classes and encouraged me to step it up. He was absolutely correct about Pilates. Since my diagnosis, my Pilates practice has become my "job", as I never miss a class unless I am truly spent. I take a group Mat class three days a week on Zoom. I also take stretch classes four to five times a week (on Youtube). Doing Pilates has led me back to my roots in ballet, which I had pretty much forgotten about. Because of the Pandemic, I have been forced to stay at home. Being that my Pilates studio and gym are closed, I have had to figure out what to do to stay in top form and strong. I have discovered online zoom classes. I have found some amazing classes taught by professional ballerinas. These classes are such a treat. Monday Wednesday and Friday, I take a Pilates Mat class with Cecilia. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I take a ballet class and then a stretch class. Saturdays, I do one of Jane Fonda's workouts and on Sundays I stretch with a professional ballerina (also on the computer). I know what I need to do to stay healthy and mobile. It is imperative that I not let even a day go by without some form of movement. I am beginning to see the results of my hard work. My body is getting stronger and my flexibility is coming back. I encourage you to find your zen and then go after it with gusto. Just remember to keep moving!

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