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🎶 Zen Me Again 🎭

Here are some more ideas to help keep you calm and stress free. Music.... I grew up in a house filled with every different genre of music that you can imagine. Both my parents were professional singers. My mum was a song bird with a beautiful voice. My dad was a powerhouse as a singer. It was normal to listen to them practicing and singing at all times. There was always a record playing on our record player or else the radio was always on. I loved listening to my mum play the piano and sing her favorite song from West Side Story. Music has gotten me through some pretty tough times in my life. Whether it is the words or the tune or both, music touches me on a very deep level. There is something to be said about singing that brings me so much joy. I have my fav singers and albums, but if I am "symptomatic", I have my go to artists that help to calm my nerves. May I suggest James Taylor. His music is so serene, as well as his voice. I could listen to his music all day!

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love to sing, sing, SING! It is especially important now, as I understand that PD will try its hardest to take my voice and reduce it to a whisper. I have started practicing scales. I am also taking online singing classes where I am learning how to use my breath. You cannot possibly be stressed when you are singing!

I highly suggest putting on your favorite dance music and dancing around your house like an idiot! Yes, I said idiot! Who cares what you look like. Nobody will see you! I cannot tell you how much I love to listen to loud music while dancing around the house, using big movements to move my arms and legs with. From all my research and my own experience, I have learned that it it critical to keep doing large movements to help with rigidity and walking upright. You can also get online and check out Youtube. There are so many fun Websites with killer music and professional dancers to guide you for free!! All this spells joy in my book!

Exercise is extremely high on my list of anxiety deterrents. Exercising helps your body release endorphins (the feel good hormones). I highly encourage you to find some form of exercise which brings you joy and keeps you feeling zen. For me, Pilates is my zen. Pilates is for everyone, whether you have PD or not. It is especially helpful for those of us who do. Because of its safe nature, it is the perfect way to get back into fighting shape. A great Pilates session always helps to soothe my mind and emotions. For cardio, I also walk on the treadmill at the gym (well, I did before the Pandemic). Next best thing..... Walking around the mall and then up and down the stairs before the stores open. The only problem now is that the malls are presently closed. There's always walking in my neighborhood too! Any Dr will tell you that the most important thing you can do to combat PD is to KEEP MOVING!! For those of you who haven't been exercising in a while, there is no time like the present to begin. Always consult with your Dr. first to make sure that you pick the right form of exercise, depending on your physical condition and needs.

For me, the most important quality that I have is the power to find humor in just about everything. Humor helps me to keep things light and in perspective. I do best with people who make me laugh and who can laugh at themselves as well! I choose to hang around with good natured, uplifting friends. Sometimes, face timing with my bestie and laughing over silly things are the best times for me! I truly believe that every situation has a silver lining.

There are so many things you can do to help with stress. Be creative! If washing the dishes keeps you happy, be my guest! Whatever you do, be patient with yourself. Sometimes, I feel myself slipping into sadness when I am symptomatic. Those are the times when I have to dig really deep and remind myself that the way I feel at that moment is temporary and will pass. Please feel free to share what you do that help to cope with stress.

Be patient. You are growing into your best self

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