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๐ŸŒ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Wiggle Those Toesies ๐Ÿคธ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Last but not least, we have the "wiggly toe" exercise, as I like to call it. This one is definitely a challenging one for me. The goal is to wiggle one toe at a time, while keeping the other four toes still. I begin by sitting on the floor with my knees bent. I always start with my right foot (big toe), since it is my right foot that has been affected by PD. It is waaaaaay easier to squeeze and then flex 5 toes simultaneously. The fact that I am able to wiggle and squeeze my toes at all now is a huge change. Before I found my new Dr. it really did not make a difference how many times I tried to wiggle my toes, or do any foot exercises, for that matter. My toes were becoming more rigid and weak, with each passing day. The multitude of meds I was taking only made matters worse. When I finally found a Dr. who really heard me and knew what to do, the changes in my body were dramatic (almost over night)! I truly thank my lucky stars that I finally had a moment of clarity to realize how drugged up I was, before it was too late. Much more to come on that subject.

Now that I have shared some different foot and calf exercises, let's talk socks, specifically Pilates socks. Most people I know wait until the very last minute to put their toe socks on in preparation for class, and are able to do so quickly. That used to be me too! Now that I have PD, it is almost impossible to put my toe socks on at the last moment. I stress because my toes don't always cooperate. Stressing about it only makes it more difficult to put my toes in each opening independently (in socks with five individual openings for each toe). What happens is that inevitably, I put two toes in one opening or my toes don't go through at all. It was quite the ordeal for me, until I discovered Tucketts. Tucketts are grip socks, which simply means they have grips on the bottom, to keep you from sliding or slipping (all Pilates sox have grips). The big difference is that instead of putting your toes through five individual openings, your big toe goes into one opening, while the other four toes go into a separate opening big enough to house them all. I also like Tucketts because I can clearly see what my toes are doing at all times. It is very important that we take great care of our feet and toes to keep them strong and mobile. I even wear my Tucketts with sandals when I am out and about, because they are so comfy. You are the only one who can decide which Pilates socks are right for you, or if you even want to wear them at all. I highly recommend some sort of grip socks so you don't slide or slip. Especially now with Covid19 running rampant, I presume that we won't be able to go barefoot at any Pilates studio, because of germs. Any questions? Just ask! Now.... Get out there and rock your socks!

These are Tucketts! IF you blow this picture up, you will see the opening for my big toes and then the other opening for my other toes. They even embroider an "R" and "L" on their socks, so you know which Tuckett goes on which foot. Not to mention, I think they are adorable :)

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