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⚡️Triple the Trouble Part 2 🌧

Let's review.... Last night, someone started banging on my front door at 8:20 pm and the banging proceeded to get louder, until I finally acknowledged the person. The police have come and gone. I have spoken with the CBG and he has also left. As stated in Part 1, once everyone left, it was all I could do to drag my happy little feet into the kitchen for some water and then to bed. It took me forever to fall asleep between the fear factor, the massive heat and the anxiety I was now feeling. I remember looking at the clock for the last time and it was 12:15 am. The next thing I know, my dogs started barking at 4 am. They startled me out of a very deep sleep, so I was not happy. All of a sudden, a bright light flashes in my windows followed by a huge thunder clap ten seconds later. Mother Nature was about to unleash her fury over the Silicon Valley. Two hours later, it was still thundering. My sweet dog Benji was terrified, so I sat with him in the bathtub (his favorite hiding place), trying to comfort him, to no avail. Meanwhile the other two dogs are still in puppy status, so they took this opportunity to run in circles on my bed! I have now been up since 4 am, and there is no end in sight to the thunder bolts. Mother Nature finally went to sleep around 7:30 am but at this point, I was too wound up to go back to sleep. I really don't remember a whole lot about yesterday afternoon. But I do remember the intense heat yet again, inside and outside of my house. My afternoon consisted of pure exhaustion, light headedness and a bit of apathy. I spent the afternoon/evening in bed resting. Just remember that when you have major stress, and you will, it is very important that you do everything you can afterwards to rest and relax. Your body is counting on you for strength. *Coming up in a future blog entry, I will talk about the things I do to make my life very zen and calm.

Here is a picture that someone took yesterday showing our lightening strikes. So mesmerizing, yet so dangerous.

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