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The Shingles Shot 😲

Hello Thursday Peeps! Today is Thursday February 25, 2021. I have already talked with my Dr. about getting the Shingles Shot and he said it is fine and will not interfere with any of my PD meds. I was all set to get it in November of last year, but then the DBS situation came up and I wanted to focus on that first. The DBS is on the horizon, but today's entry is only about the first (of two) Shingles Vaccines I got yesterday. I have to admit I have put this off for months basically out of fear and unforeseen circumstances. The plan was to get the first vaccine in the beginning of December, but every time I went to the pharmacy, my favorite pharmacist was not working that day. In fact, unbeknownst to me, he had taken the entire month of December off, as he had many "use it or lose it" days left. My concern was that he either had contracted Covid or quit. I could never get a straight answer from anyone when I asked where he was and if and when he would be back.

The good news is that he did come back in January. I was elated to see him! I can never quite express enough my gratitude to him for always looking out for me. My last Movement Disorder Specialist prescribed a couple of medications that when combined, can potentially have serious consequences for me. This did not sit well with him, so he called my Dr. to voice his concerns about possible bad interactions. This topic will be addressed in my next entry regarding my last Dr.

My Mantra this year is to "face my fears". I am super proud of myself for actually stepping up and facing one of my biggest fears head on (needles). The biggest motivating factor for getting the shot is that I do not want to ever get shingles. I have two friends who had the actual Shingles virus and both suffered severe nerve pain. One friend still has pain and areas of numbness on her face, even though the Shingles are gone. Way back when, I watched my beloved grandmother suffer for months with Shingles. She ended up in the hospital because of the excruciating pain she was in. The thought of this happening to me is way worse than the shot will ever be.

Yesterday after I received the vaccine, I felt great and came home and worked out in my garden. Today I woke up pretty groggy. My left upper arm is sore to the touch (where the needle stuck me) but not terribly sore. I felt yucky all day, a little fatigued and headachy. It is now 9 pm and I feel much better! One down..... one to go! I have until the end of July to get the second vaccine.

Update on the Shingles Vaccine side effects.... Today is Friday, February 26, 2021. My arm is much better today and the headache is gone! I took a Mat Pilates class this morning and I really dragged throughout the whole class. I am feeling rather fatigued, but it is not bothersome at all. I have until the end of July to get the second vaccine. I am going to wait until the DBS surgery is done and I am feeling great! To be continued.....

As long as I do not see the needle, I am fine 🙄

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