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💜 Thank you Pilates🙏🏻

Good afternoon happy peeps! Today is Thursday July 30, 2020. I am having a splendid day! It is beautiful and sunny out (but not too hot). There is also a beautiful breeze blowing. This morning I woke up kind of fuzzy as usual. As soon as I ate, I took my meds, and rested for a bit. Once the icky feeling from the meds subsided, I was ready to go. I am on a fitness roll and am very proud of myself. I am working out six days a week again, and am loving the way I feel afterwards. I am presently practicing Pilates 6 days a week. Three days are online Mat classes and the other three days are private sessions, where I use my reformer as well as a Mat. Cecelia has designed specialty exercises that are helping me to stand up straighter, walk correctly and maintain my flexibility, just to to name a few of the pluses. Oh and don't forget the Zenness of it all. Pilates has so many benefits for my situation. I cannot recommend it enough. I give Cecilia a bunch of credit and kudos for literally bringing me back to my best self physically. She has been here with me since the beginning of my journey. More in depth discussion soon.

I have set my alarm twice so far today to stay right on time with my doses. So far so good. I do have low blood sugar (which I have had since my late teens). Sometimes when I have symptoms and I am keeping up with my doses, I have to wonder if PD is causing them or if it is what I ate. Believe it or not, the PD symptoms feel very much like low blood sugar symptoms

. As I mentioned in one of my other blog entries, I do have a huge sweetie tooth, and every night with dinner, I must have something sweet. This in itself could be dropping my sugar levels and making me believe its the PD. Nutrition is now at the top of my list, and will be addressed in the next few days. Have a beautiful evening and an even better tonight.

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