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🌷 Stressed Spelled Backwards is Dessert 🌷

Good afternoon all! Today is Sunday August 2, 2020. I am having a symptom-free day so far! I wish the same were true for yesterday. STRESS encircled my world yesterday afternoon, as I realized that someone I thought I could trust showed me otherwise. I cannot reiterate enough that stressful situations need to be avoided as much as you possibly can. PD is always standing by in the wings, just waiting to take center stage. Let’s face it. We all have stress, but when coupled with PD, symptoms can and will flare when faced with challenges.

Here is the scoop of how quickly things went from great to challenging yesterday afternoon. A close friend was helping me navigate a legal issue that I found quite upsetting and hurtful. As upset as I was, I told my friend that I would have to take deep breaths and let it go. I did just that, but within twenty minutes, my chest and neck began to tighten up. My friend took this as her cue to head out. By this point, my neck was so tight that I had to lay flat on my back with my head propped up on two pillows for comfort. I had that feeling again, like it was hard to breathe. Right around 4:30 pm, my right hand started shaking. I finally got up to inhale Inbrija. The rigidity in my neck and chest finally subsided around 5:50 pm. The shaking stopped around 6ish. For the rest of the evening, I stayed in bed feeling like I just run 60 miles with no breaks. I was exhausted. I finally fell asleep by 11pm.

Again, I cannot remind you enough to watch your stress level, and to remove yourself as quickly as you can when faced with toxic situations. Believe me when I say that I have had to let some “friends” go, because my body insisted on it. Phew….. Better now! You know what would make me feel even better? Creme Brûlée :)

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