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💤 Sleep is the Most Precious and Healing Thing we can do for our Bodies ⭐️

Yesterday was Thursday July 23, 2020. I had a pretty tough day, due to lack of sleep the night before. I literally did not sleep a wink Wednesday night. As reported in an earlier blog post, I have trouble sleeping restfully through the night these days, unless I use something to help relax my body. Up to this point, I have been taking an Aleve PM nightly. It definitely does the trick. However, I have heard from so many friends that taking Aleve for long periods of time is never a good idea. Upon recommendation from my PD Dr., I bought ZZZquil a few weeks back. He suggested I try it rather than continue on with Aleve PM. You have to know I am a scaredy cat when it comes to putting anything new into my body. I need full deets first, as my body is my shrine. Although I have already purchased ZZZQuil tablets, I have concerns about trying it. I remember taking NyQuil many moons ago. It knocked me off my feet (literally) and I had to be carried into bed. I have talked to everyone in life about my ZZZquil fears. But they all say that I will not have the same reaction as I did with NyQuil. So......... Looks like I will be testing ZZZquil tomorrow night, as Sunday is a rest day (just in case I do feel out of it). Wish me luck!

Getting back to the subject of no sleep.... One of the biggest No-Nos with PD is lack of sleep. It completely messes your body up, and symptoms come after you like a tornado. I went from a fabulously great day on Wednesday to the kind of day (on Thursday) that I hope I never see again. I felt the complete lack of sleep BIG TIME. I so wanted to go back to sleep in the early afternoon, but I knew that if I did, I would start the vicious circle over again. In other words, if I slept for the rest of the day, I wouldn't be able to sleep that night.

Although I was exhausted, my day started out pretty well. I took a private Pilates class with Cecelia at 10:30 am. I did amazingly well considering how sick I felt while she was here. Once she left, I ate, took my meds and rested for the better part of the afternoon. The afternoon resting blended into the evening and finally nighttime. My exhaustion level by 2:30 pm was through the roof. My symptoms decided to pay me a visit around 3 pm. That feeling of an adrenaline surge (that I wrote about previously) came back with a vengeance in my right leg. At the same time, it felt like someone was filling that leg up with sand. Once those two symptoms meshed together, my leg tightened up to capacity and stayed that way until I took an Aleve PM to release the pressure. Once the ALeve kicked in (and it took a very long while), I finally got out of bed. Although I could walk, I was moving very slowly (like I was walking in molasses). No fun. The other symptom to note was how unbalanced I felt. It was a little scary taking my dogs out back to do their thing before bedtime. There are two cement steps I have to step down on to get into the backyard. When I am unbalanced, it is very easy for me to just trip or fall over, without even trying. It is extremely unsettling as it could happen at any second, when I am exhausted or distressed. Luckily for me, I didn't fall! I am happy to report that I had a comfy and good night's sleep.

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