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🤸🏼‍♀️ One Breath at a Time

Good afternoon everyone! Today is Friday November 20, 2020. For today's entry, I have decided to post a selfie. Even though I would never "approve" of a picture of me looking so run down to appear on Facebook (it's a girl thing), it is important for me to share this pix with you. This way, you will have a better idea of how far I have come in a few year's time. This Pix was taken about a year ago, while I was still extremely over medicated. You can not tell from looking at this pix, but it is my right side that has been affected by PD. Although I look very sad and drugged (I absolutely was both), I made sure to get up and move each day. I wish I would have taken a picture of when I first started working with Pilates4parkinsons. What you are seeing in this picture is a true miracle! When Cecilia and I first started working together, I could barely move my right arm, let alone raise it up to match the same height as my left arm. Trying to position and then stretch my arms in the beginning of my journey was very painful because my back was so rigid. At that time, I was unable to stand up straight, let alone position my spine flat against the wall. Although I was completely drugged and could barely stand for long periods of time, my "stick with it" attitude has definitely paid off. In this pix, my back is firmly against the wall, and my arms are just about at the same height (my right arm is slightly lower than my left). My flexibility has improved ten fold even since this pix was taken. My back is so much stronger now because I have done and continue to do the hard work of staying physically fit. However, I have to work at it every single day to maintain my flexibility and correct posture.

Although it appears that I am holding up the wall from falling on me (kidding), I am actually doing an exercise to help with my range of motion (my upper body). Here's what I do.... First, I raise my arms up (carefully) while keeping them flat against the wall. I also try to keep my back as straight as possible (flushed up against the wall). Meanwhile, my heels are up against the wall, as well. This all sounds great until your back and arms tighten up from PD. Once I have the correct posture and arm alignment, I leave one arm on the wall, while taking the other arm out in front of my body and sweep it slowly towards the opposite arm until my fingers connect. Once that happens, I slowly reverse the action and go back to the position that I was originally in, (against the wall) while leaving my opposite arm on the wall at all times. I alternate between sides (and do two sets of ten). DO NOT attempt this one on your own, as you can really get hurt. Also, make sure that if you do try this exercise that you have a trainer there who truly understands PD and what it does to your body. I highly recommend pilates4parkinsons. I have been working with Cecilia for almost 4 years now. I credit Cecilia and her extensive knowledge with helping me to return to my prior flexible self and a better version of the "new me". I am happy to talk with you, if you have any questions!

Note....Behind me it reads as follows.... Faith ❤️ Hope ❤️ Love ❤️ Faith in what I cannot see. Hope for a Cure. Love keeps me going. My Mantra.....

*As a side note, when I first tried this exercise, I could not place my back flat again the wall or touch my opposite hand. It took a over a year to be able to stand up tall enough to do what you see in this pix. Do not get discouraged by any exercise program you start if it is hard. It gets better, but you MUST do the work!

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