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🌸 Oh so Tingly 🌸

Good Morning! Today is Thursday July 16, 2020. It is a beautiful sunny day! I woke up at 6:30 this morning and lounged around til I had breakfast (7:30 am). I took my first Rytary dose at 7:45 am and then headed back to bed. I never quite know how my body is going to react after that first dose of the day. Around 8:15 am, my arms and hands started to tingle. I have come up with two strategies that really help when I feel the tingling coming on. The first is to open and close my fingers slowly. When my hands close, I make two fists, and I tighten up my biceps. As I open my fingers, I stretch them as far apart as I can, while straightening them to capacity. The other thing that seems to help is to raise my arms over my head and then backwards until I can grab the top of the headboard. Once I grab it, I pull on the headboard which helps to get the blood flow going more efficiently in my arms. Not only does this help to ease the tingling, but it also feels amazing!

Today my friend and I went to the fabric store. I felt fabulous the entire time we were there. When we came back to my house, I took my third dosage of Rytary. She and I signed up for an online teaching workshop, so we get together once a week to watch a a few more segments. Around 1 pm, I could feel my body beginning to tighten up. It was too early for my next dosage of RYtary, so I broke out the Inbrija. Once I used it, I went back to sitting upright on the couch and continued to watch the workshop session. Just two short weeks ago, when I started to feel sick, I would grab my Inbrija and inhale it (just like I did today). The difference then was that I would absolutely have to go back to bed, until Inbrija did its thing. This is a huge victory for me, as I am now able to sit up and rest, rather than lay prone until it passes.

As much as I love my friend and her emotional support, the fact remains that the first few times I got sick and she witnessed it, I was mortified. I felt like she was thinking that I am weak and out of control. Much to my amazement, the opposite happened. She simply followed me into my bedroom (after I took my meds) and sat on the bed with me. Even if I didn't feel like talking, she would talk for the both of us. As one of my biggest cheer leaders, she always points out all of my strengths. We all need "cheer leaders" in our circle. Believe you me, you will find out in a millisecond who your real friends are, once you own up to what is really going on. Thank you Lisa for always being such a positive light when I feel darkest. The good news here is the dark times don't last very long. They did in the beginning but that will be addressed in a later post.

🙏🏻 Just Breathe 🙏🏻

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