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💃🏻 Move Over! It's Movember 🏃🏻

Hello Happy Peeps! Today is Thursday November 5, 2020. I am resting in bed at the moment. I took my meds at 7:45 am. It is now 8:20 am and I am waiting for the usual side effects to pass. This morning I am going to do something I haven't done in a very long time, thanks to Covid. I am going to climb the stairs at the mall before it opens to the public. My reason for doing this today of all days, is two fold. First of all, I haven't done any type of cardio since the gym temporarily closed down in early March. The last time I attempted to walk on the treadmill (right before the closure), it did not go well, as I was overmedicated and completely out of steam. By the time I finally started to feel better (and it took a while to get even a smidge of energy back), the gym was still closed. In order to get my cardio in, I started to walk around the neighborhood, but then the fires hit (over the summer) and the smoke level was out of control. That was the end of my cardio reboot. Yesterday I happened to watched jcninja's video about the Movember challenge and I thought what a perfect way to jumpstart my cardio comeback. The goal of the Movember challenge is to do an exercise each day and depending on the date, I must do that number of reps. I have decided to climb and conquer the stairs at the mall. Because today is the fifth day of the month, I will climb those stairs (up and back) 5 times in a row. I also have a friend who will be joining me by climbing her stairs at home. So today I have two fantastic reasons to get out there. 1. I am about to jump start my cardio back up again. 2. By participating in the Movember challenge, I will help to bring more awareness to PD. It's a win win situation! Wish me luck! I will finish this blog entry once I come back home. FYI. I am going before the mall opens to the public and I will be fully masked the entire time.

Well..... That was interesting! We got to the mall an hour before it opened to the public and proceeded to warm up by walking from one end of the mall to the other end. I brought my camera man to film me. Well, actually he is a friend who was happy to do it! We walked the entire length of the mall. Before we actually got to the other side, I realized that we had not seen one set of stairs! Was I not paying attention? How could this be? Where were the stairs? They couldn't have magically disappeared? I hadn't been to this mall in over a year, but surely I had somehow bypassed the stairs as we were walking. In a year's worth of time, the mall was completely redone. Before the renovation was complete, there were three sets of stairs. One at each end of the mall and the other set was in the center of the mall. I realized that the stairs had been torn down and escalators had been put in instead. That was a shocker! There actually had been times (in the past), where I also climbed the escalator. In the "old" days pre-Covid, the escalators did not come on until the mall actually opened for business each day, so we would go early and walk both the stairs and the escalator. Unfortunately for me, all of the escalators were moving. "NowWhat".com is something I alway say when I am out of ideas)!

I suddenly remembered seeing flights of stairs in the parking lot when we first got there. I thought we should go back to the parking lot and check out those stairs to see if they would work for me to climb. They turned out to be perfect for what we were going to film! The shoot went well and boy oh boy, do I need to start doing cardio again. Sadly for me, I was not able to get the video on Instagram that day, as I had no clue how to edit it. It is posted now, thanks to a friend for helping me edit it! The whole point of the Movember challenge is to remind those of us who have PD to keep on moving everyday, no matter what! So what are you waiting for?

Nope. Not my feet.... I had tried to upload my stair video 6 times here. It uploaded but will not allow me to play it 🏃🏻‍♀️💗

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