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More DBS Jitters 😳

Good afternoon. Today is Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Like I wrote in my last entry, I am trying to focus on the here and now and one hurdle at a time, before I actually get to the DBS finish line. Last Friday, I was told that all of my facial piercings must come out before my CatScan (which was scheduled for yesterday). Both ears are pierced and taking out those earrings myself is no big deal. I also have a Monroe piercing right above my upper lip on the right side of my face and a nose piercing on my left nostril as well. I called a piercing salon to book an appointment for my favorite piercer to safely take them out for me. Unfortunately for me, she is not allowed to do any facial piercings or removals because of strict Covid protocol, which is still in place. If you have facial piercings, then you understand how hard it is to pull them out yourself. She explained how to do it and I was able to get my Monroe piercing out, but my nostril is way too tiny to stick my finger inside without potentially hurting myself or ripping something. I am not sure what they will say the day I show up again for my CatScan, but we shall see. Speaking of CatScans, I was supposed to have one yesterday during my Pre- Op visit. I was all set and had taken a half of an anti anxiety pill to try and stay calm when they drew my blood (Don't worry.... I had a friend drive me there).

They called me back right on time. The nurse did the usual blood pressure, weight, and height check. She also took my temperature. Once she was done, she told me that she was going to get the surgical team nurse to draw my blood. She promptly left and came back about two minutes later. She informed me that I had a temperature of 100. Not even registering that I could possibly have Covid, I nonchalantly said "Ok". She suddenly became pretty panicked about getting me out of there as quickly as possible. But before I left, she completely disinfected the area where I had been sitting and then whisked me to the "secret elevator" so that I would not come in contact with anyone. She told me that they had just booked a Covid test for me and to head right over to have it done. I was absolutely shocked that I might actually have Covid, as I have been so mindful about being careful and staying well.

So we drove over to the testing site. I was feeling pretty nervous as this was my very first Covid test. When we finally reached the outdoor nurses station, I mentioned that I have a piercing in my left nostril and my nurse informed me that she would only swab the right nostril instead. I asked her if it was going to hurt and she said "No, it would be more of a feeling of eating something way too spicy" (that tickly feeling you get in your nose for the moment). I truly wish that she was right. I felt like she stuck that surgical q tip so far up my nose that she pierced my brain. No fun at all. So...... Now the CatScan and Pre- Op have been rescheduled. The silver lining in all of this? I do NOT have Covid. Thank you G*D 💞

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