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🏋🏻‍♀️ Mental Tuffness 🕺

Good morning! Today is Friday September 25, 2020. Every Friday at 9:30 am, I take Cecilia's Pilates Mat class on Zoom. I am so loving rolling out of bed and not having to drive to class. Her Mat classes online are not P4P classes, so I am on my own. What I mean is that she can't just focus on me, as there are others in class. These sessions are designed with everyone in mind. This class is a Level 1, but it is more of an intermediate level, as we have all been working with Cecilia for a few years. I do really well in these sessions because I know the drill, plus she does a lot of stretching (not to mention I am consistent in showing up for every class).

If a movement is too challenging for me, I simply modify it. Sometimes we do an exercise that requires more physical strength than I have at the moment. This is where my mental toughness comes into play. In every session, there is always a segment for legwork. There is a particular exercise that requires me to lift my leg and hold it at a certain height throughout the exercise series. This is a tough one for me, as my strength is slowly coming back and is not quite there yet. Although I am able to lift my leg and hold it up independently, my leg height is nowhere near as high as it used to be. This is an exercise that I was able to do without a thought, before PD. I remember being able to lift and hold my leg up high, while maintaining perfect form. I still had lots of power left over afterwards. Now it takes all my effort and concentration to lift my leg even to hip's height and then hold it there for a period of time. There have been many tears on my part out of sheer frustration, as I want so badly to be who I was five years ago. I am learning to dig really deep into the recesses of my soul during these moments. Instead of wasting precious time mourning over the past, I am working really hard at focusing on how far I have come since first being diagnosed. When I really sit down and think about it, I am realizing that there is growth on my part everyday! I like to call them Tiny Miracles. Those tiny miracles (that happen) each day, add up to big positive changes! Those positive changes are astounding to me. I am continuously working super hard at regaining my strength. But since I am in the thick of it, I lose sight of just how amazing those tremendous changes are. It really is true when they say "You never know just how strong you are until strength is all you have left". I have learned that it is ok if my leg gets tired and won't lift as high as I want them to. My legs are higher than they were a week ago and that is what I call major progress. My best advice (besides consistency) is to have a strong support system of people you can count on during these tough moments. They will clearly remind you of who and what you are!

Repeat after me.... "My Strength is much Stronger than my fears will ever be".

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