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💗 La Di Da.... Life is Wonderful 💗

Today is Friday July 31, 2020. Where did July go? Considering we are in the middle of a Pandemic, you would think time would move at a snail's pace. I had a wonderful day! I started off with a Mat Pilates class at 9:30 am with Cecilia. I took my second dose of meds right on time at 10:30. No side effects! Yippee! I went to the market to buy some groceries and coffee. This afternoon I took a shower (which is a big deal)! Until very recently, taking showers were very challenging for me, because my body was so unbalanced. I don't have any handicapped bars in the shower, so I had to hold onto the glass shower door to keep myself from potentially falling. I only showered once a week, because of my physical issues and fear. My right hand was extremely weak (even though I was constantly coming up with ways to strengthen it). Since there was no strength in that hand, I was unable to scrub my hair or lather up with both hands. My poor left hand had to do all the work. The other issue was that when I closed my eyes so as not to get any soap in them, I became disoriented and very lightheaded. There were more than a few times I had to shut off the water and carefully get out of the tub. Soapy hairt and all, I would head into bed to lay down because of how unsteady I was. Now it's an entirely different story. I am doing amazingly well with showering. I have full use of my right hand again, (including my fingers) and I am standing up just fine without light headedness. The best news is that I am once again taking showers everyday!

This evening at 5 pm, I started feeling that tingling sensation yet again. This time, after taking my Rytary does right on time, I used Inbruja and took one Aleve pm. Within 45 minutes, that yucky feeling passed and I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my evening symptom free! Although I still need to address my evening symptoms with the Dr., I am super excited to report that tonight (it's 10:49 pm), I have been symptom free for five hours. I am headed to Dreamland. Bless and good night.

That's me last a year ago (January 2019), kicking some serious bootay! I have had major progress physically and emotionally since then.

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