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🍒 It's Time 🥑

What a beautiful day to just be.... Today is Thursday October 15, 2020. What a difference I feel today from even yesterday. I took one of Cecilia's online Pilates Mat classes this morning. It was a pre recorded Pilates stretch class and just what I needed to see if my body was bouncing back or not quite yet. I am happy to say that I did great. I surprised myself by being able to do certain moves that I clearly struggled with even up to two days ago. The biggest surprise of all came during the final stretch series. The idea was to stand up tall and then cross my right foot over my left foot (while standing). Then, I raised my arms up to the ceiling while inhaling and then bent my upper body over while putting my hands flat on the floor (and exhaling). Once there, I was to hold the stretch for 6 seconds, (hopefully) without falling over. I am absolutely ecstatic to say that I was able to do this entire stretch flawlessly! Again.... tiny miracles and consistency on my part.

So that was my morning! All was great until I took my second dose of Rytary at 10:30 am. The usual side effects from Rytary came on fast and furious and flattened me for an hour or longer each dose for the rest of the day. "Houston, we have a problem"! I have no clue what is happening, but clearly this way of living has to end. I never left the house today for fear of symptoms starting and then not being able to drive. I am hopeful that between the Dr. and me, we will be able to come up with a solution to end this consistent side effects debacle. I am a big proponent of less meds and am learning quickly that my body cannot tolerate most of the meds I have tried. Admittedly, I have been slow at changing up my eating habits, so I have a big feeling that not eating well (too much sugar) is causing a lot of the issues with my meds. I just made a promise to myself that it is time to step up and eat like I used to (healthy with lots of greens), before PD. As I am not working, I have a fixed income now, so in order to really get the foods I want, I will need to wait until November 1st, when I get paid. I am a work in progress....... To be continued......

🍓 Luckily, eating healthy again is something I am very much looking forward to 🌽

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