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🤷🏻‍♀️ It's one of Those Days

Good Morning Turkeys everywhere. It is not too late.... Run Turkeys Run! Today is Monday November 24, 2020. Thanksgiving is only three days away! This year has been very surreal for everyone. Normally, I would be heading down South right about now to be with my family for Thanksgiving, but nothing about this year has been normal. Last year, I had every intention of going home, but I was so sick from too many meds that I could barely stand up. The thought of going to the airport and discombobulating because of stress and anxiety was a real fear. I was in no shape to pack or even get out of bed at that time. This year is completely different. I am feeling great but COVID19 is calling the shots now! Our Governor has asked us all not to travel because the virus can and will hit you when you least expect it. The thought of giving my 82 year old dad this virus (if I was a carrier) is enough reason for me to stay home and do the right thing. So alas, no home cooked feast for me this year.

In the meantime, I am in the middle of one of those moments. I felt fine when I woke up this morning. I took my meds on time and like always, I got back into bed until Rytary's side effects subsided. As usual, I took a Pilates Mat class online this morning. However, my class started at 10 am rather than 9:30. Right before class (9:50), I started to feel weird in my skin. I knew it was only a short matter of time until I would have to take Inbrija. Luckily, I was able to make it through class. I did take a very short time out during class (10:30) to take my second dose of Rytary. Class finished at 10:50. By 11, I reached for Inbrija, because my body was starting to really tighten up. Where am I now? I am in bed (of course) until this weird feeling goes away. PD is very tricky because I never know when I will have these moments. When they come (not all too often these days), I basically flatten out in bed until Inbrija kicks in. But I have learned not to go into a full blown panic because I always bounce back.

Even though I was originally diagnosed a few years ago, I feel as though the last few years don’t really count, because I spent most of my time sick in bed (I am working on my next blog entry about the first three years after diagnosis. Once I finish writing about everything I have been through thus far, then you will understand why I was sick for so long). Now that I have found a brilliant Dr. who hears me and has helped me to heal, I feel as though I was just diagnosed when I met my current Dr. With that being said, I am learning that certain foods definitely trigger my symptoms. I have specific foods I go to when my blood sugar drops. One of those foods is peanut butter. I know now that I am NOT supposed to eat protein an hour before or after my Rytary doses. If I do, It is harder for the meds to kick in. There have been times where I have needed a quick boost right before it is time to take my next dose of meds. As I said in an earlier post, I am borderline anemic and have been for most of my life. Sometimes it is hard to tell if my blood sugar has dropped or if I am truly experiencing PD symptoms, because they feel so much alike. Now that I have figured that out, it is kind of a guessing game to know if I should have a snack or use Inbrija. I am definitely a work in progress. I have also learned that it is disastrous for my body to eat a lot of sugar after dinner (for dessert). Total transparency here.... I LOVE raw cookie dough even though I know it is sooooo bad for me. If I eat too much of it after dinner, boy do I suffer the consequences. My right arm shakes and tightens up, and nothing I do stops it for hours afterwards. It is no fun. I know better but I do not always do the right thing.

The other important lesson I have learned is not to eat too much at any meal. I have always had a tendency to eat very very quickly. As a teacher, my breaks were short so I would usually eat through lunchtime while walking around and getting stuff done. I literally never sat down to enjoy my food. I did that for about 28 years so it has been a hard habit to break. I am learning to slow down when I eat, so I do not fill up as quickly. Had I of gone home for Thanksgiving this week, I would have had to practice mindfulness by not overstuffing myself (easier said than done when all that ridiculously delicious food is staring me in the face! Note: No two people have the exact same symptoms, but I think the symptoms that I am describing now are pretty universal ones (from what I have heard). Nevertheless, be smart and educate yourself on healthy eating. I am not perfect and slip up from time to time with too much sugar intake. But it is on me and I am well aware of the consequences for my actions. Regressing back to this morning, I ended up in bed right around 11 am. and stayed there until about 12ish. The rest of the day went swimmingly. I actually gave one of my dogs a bath and was able to dry him off without help! This is HUGE for me to have the strength and patience once again! Doggy number #2 is next!

🐶 Say Hello to my sweet boy JoJo!

He was NOT a happy camper until of course, bath time was over 🐶

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