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🙏🏼 It's Monday Again ☀️

Today is Monday August 10, 2020. I am not feeling it at the moment. However, I have taken my morning meds and am waiting for them to kick in. As usual, I am propped up in bed waiting for the yucky side effects from Rytary to dissipate. Every Monday morning, I find myself singing the first two lines of "Monday Monday" by the Mamas and Papas. Ok.... Sing it with me..... 🎼 "Monday Monday, Ta Da Da Da Da Da. Can't stop that Day. Ta Da Da Da Da Da. Monday Monday, Ta Da Da Da Da Da. It's here to stay"..... 🎼 I grew up in a house filled with great music, thanks to my parents. They both had beautiful singing voices. My mum has gone to Heaven, and I have no doubt that she is leading the Angel's choir. My dad still has a powerhouse voice, although he rarely sings these days. I was exposed to so many different genres of music growing up. I can't remember a time when I wasn't either listening to my parents sing, listening to music or singing. Actually, nothing has changed there. I still love music and love to sing!

Huge Note to Self.... Do NOT exercise when exhausted.... I am proud of myself for being mindful and taking a Pilates Mat class this morning. But honestly, I know better than to exercise when I am spent (beyond exhaustion). No sleep is a BIG deal when you have PD. Believe me when I say you will not be able to escape PD's wrath until you sleep well again. Last night, my dogs went crazy barking at the raccoons, who decided to hang around right outside of my bedroom window. The first time they started to bark it was about 2 am. I finally quieted them down and figured the raccoons moved on. I fell right back asleep. But the dogs started barking again at 4:30 am. This time I didn't fall back asleep until 5:45 am. My alarm went off at 7:10 this morning and I was toast.

Right after class (10:30), I took my meds and went back to bed. I slept for about an hour. Once I woke up, I felt better for a time, but PD came a knockin' and before I knew it, I was completely overcome with fatigue. To enhance the exhaustion, PD made sure that my entire being became so heavy, that I felt as though I were walking through cement.

The rest of the day was fairly challenging, as the fatigue continued. I tried several times to rally, but to no avail. Each time I thought I was feeling better, I tried going out to the kitchen, but I became very light headed and ended up back to bed. I am hoping that today was just an off day because of missed sleep. It is 8:20 pm and I am headed to bed. PD won this round, but I know that tomorrow will be a much better day! Bless and good night.

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