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💥 It's FRYday.... Yikes ☀️

Today is FRYday August 14, 2020. It is 4:45 pm and 102 degrees outside. Hence.... Fryday!! This unbearable heat is supposed to continue on until next Wednesday. Luckily, I have a rolling air conditioner unit, but it only cools the room it’s placed in. I really need to invest in a second one. It clearly would make this heat a little more tolerable.

When I was a teenager, we would go to Palm Springs as a family at least twice a year. The heat factor there was ridiculous in the Summer. It could and would get as hot as 118! Back then, I loved that scorching heat and would lay in the sun for hours and hours. I found it very zen. But then I turned thirty, and with each passing year, I have become more intolerant of the hot sun. I remember my mum lecturing and then pleading with me not to lay around for hours in the sun. She would always ask me the same question as I was on my way out into our backyard for a scorch session. Her stock line was always "Do you want to end up looking like that lady who walks"? Ahhh yes.... The very tanned lady who was bone skinny and walked everyday of the year, no matter what the conditions were like. Her skin was so sun damaged, that she had skin wrinkles literally hanging from her knees and arms. She looked like she was 80 years old because her face was so wrinkled and shiny, like leather. Come to think of it, her entire body was leathery looking. But of course, I knew better than my mum, or so I thought. I still love to be outdoors but not in crazy sauna like heat. The biggest difference for me now is that I don't go swimming until after 4:30 pm ever. Before I step into the water, I am lathered up with sunblock 50! The days of laying out in the sun are long gone. Now it is all about protecting my skin from those harmful rays.

Meanwhile, I have experienced intense heat with PD and it is no fun. Today was a perfect example of how heat affects me since being diagnosed. I started out the day feeling really good. But around 4 pm, the sun beat down onto my front windows and heated the house up with record speed and intensity. By 6 pm, I was toast and as usual, ended up flat in bed. I felt like a I had a cross between exhaustion and severe dehydration. Not to mention that every time I stood up I was extremely light headed. All this even though I had been drinking water and gatorade all day. My best advice to you is to always have Gatorade on hand for those intensely hot days. I sip it all day. Don't forget to drink water as well. Watch your salt intake. The more salt you eat, the thirstier you will become. If you don't quench your thirst, dehydration can and will set in pretty quickly. I always eat healthy and very light on those occasions. Salads with lots of greens do the trick, as well as my fav. raspberries and whipping cream for dessert. Yes, that is right. I said whipping cream, not cool whip! It is best not to tempt fate. Dehydration is no joke and can easily land you in the emergency room. Be smart and be prepared!

Drink Water (lots and Lots) to keep yourself hydrated and feeling great!!

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