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😇 Human Kindness is Alive and Well 💙

Happy December to you and yours. Today is Saturday December 5, 2020. This morning I went to Target to pick up a few things. I felt absolutely wonderful the entire time I was there! I usually park in the Target parking lot, but because it was so crowded, I decided to park in the next parking lot over by Marshall's. Since I had quite a few bags and bulky items, I thought it was best to put everything in a shopping cart and roll it over to my car. Right as I got halfway thru the crosswalk, the cart locked up and no matter what I did, it would not budge. It was at that moment that I remembered you cannot take a Target cart out of the zoned parking lot. I had dared to venture where no cart has gone before and clearly was not going to win this round.

So.... here I am struggling to move the cart and at the same time trying to grab all my bags and bulk items. This is where my PD symptoms took over. I became so focused yet overwhelmed with trying to do both that I could not think straight and kept on trying even though cars were swerving around me. In the old days (before PD), I would have just calmly taken out my bags and set them aside while I tried to get the cart out of the way of traffic. I remember thinking that if I took some of the bags out and left the rest of them in the cart while I took the first bags to the car, that the bags in the cart would be stolen (a common occurrence in this parking lot). I must have struggled for at least 4 minutes, when all of a sudden (out of nowhere) I heard a voice behind me say "Can I help you with those"? I turned around and there was this young woman offering to help me, because she had seen me struggling. I started to cry and must have told her at least ten times how grateful I was to her. She said that she had been waiting in the Marshall's line to enter the store (we are back to Covid rules), but when she saw me struggling and no-one offered me help, she knew she needed to help me. She even gave up her place in line for me! I was about to tell her that I have PD, but decided not to, as I was not in the mood to potentially hear how sorry she was for me to have such a horrible illness. I do not refer to Parkinson's as an illness, but rather as a condition that I am constantly attending to. This is not to say that she would have reacted that way, but better safe than sorry for me. After I put all of my bags in the car, I pulled out a Christmas candle that I had just purchased. I turned around to find her so I could give her this beautiful candle, but she was no longer in line. Her kindness touched me deeply. There truly are angels right here on earth and I met one today.

The Beautiful woman who helped me today

has officially earned her wings here on earth 💙

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