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Good morning to you. Today is Wednesday August 12, 2020. Unfortunately, I am having a rough start to my day. I woke up earlier than usual today so I would have enough time to eat, take my meds and then rest for a bit before my stretch class at 9 am. I was feeling pretty tired right as class started, but I pushed through, as it is critical for me to keep my body loose and flexible. On Wednesday’s, I always take a Pilates Mat class right after Stretch. By the end of my stretch session (9:25 am), I felt unusually tired, bordering on exhaustion. Against my better judgement, I kept going and started Mat class at 9:30. Around 9:55, I knew I was in trouble, as that wave of exhaustion descended upon me and temporarily took residence. When it hits, it comes out of nowhere and almost flattens me. I was sooooo bummed as this was shaping up to be another great Pilates session. By 10 am I could barely function. It was all I could do to literally drag my legs to the kitchen for a snack. Guess where I ended up? In bed propped up on pillows, yet again. I am resting now as exhaustion hit me pretty hard today.

Sadly for me, I was exhausted all day. The plans I had fell by the wayside. But I did buy a new skort, so it wasn't a total loss. Just because I have PD doesn't negate the fact that I love to bargain shop online! Meanwhile, I rested (not comfortably), in bed all day. It was extremely humid, which makes the temperature seem 40 degrees hotter than it actually is. I hate the humidity with a passion, especially when I feel yucky. It just adds to the ambiance of yuck. No matter what position I tried to put my body into today, it just wasn't working. My body was unbelievably rigid and no matter what I tried, it didn’t help me to get comfy.

It is really hard to put into words how my legs felt today. They were feeling just fine first thing this morning. But within three hours after waking up, it was like someone started pouring sand into my right hamstring and adductor muscle. It doesn't hurt but that feeling is extremely bothersome. The only place I want to feel sand is between my toes at the beach! I am once again hoping that tomorrow is a much better day.

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