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🙏🏼 Grief and PD #2 💔

Hello 2021! I sure hope you will be better to us all than last year was! Today is Saturday January 2, 2021. I hope you all had a safe and comfy New Year's Eve. Mine was very quiet this year. Just me and my three dogs. I was actually ready to call it a night at 11 pm, but I knew when the clock struck 12, everybody and their brother would be lighting off fireworks. A.... I did not want to be woken up in an hour only to listen to booms for another half an hour or so. B..... One of my sweet dogs is absolutely terrified of the noise from fireworks, so I was prepared and had a plan of how to keep him calm (or so I thought), until it was over. Right as the clock struck 12, I turned up the volume on my tv to try and drown out the loud booms. Unfortunately, the noise that follows firecrackers can be heard through anything. I had Benji in my arms hugging him close to try and stop his shaking, but he kept on trying his hardest to get away from me. Then I thought "Hmmmmmm". Maybe I will just sit with him in the bathroom, because it is his go to spot when he is terrified. I tried that and he seemed to calm down. Unfortunately, as soon as we came out of the bathroom, the fireworks began again and Benji went ballistic with fear. At this point, I was pretty exhausted (it was now 12:30 am) and there seemed to be no end in sight with the popping noises. I put Benji on my bed and no sooner did I put him down, he booked it into my walk in closet and made himself right at home. When I finally figured out where he was hiding, I thought for sure he would calm down by being in a vey dark space of his own. One of the hooks in my closest had just broken a few days ago from the weight of my clothes. When the hook came down, so did my clothes. I was in the process and going through each item one at a time to see what I wanted to give away. There were still clothes on the ground, so they were fair game for Benji to make a bed from. Hey! Whatever works. Now I was completely awake and had a feeling it was going to be a long night for me. I finally fell asleep at 2:45 am.

The good news is that Benji is fine now. The bad news is that my body has finally had enough between the stress of my uncle's passing and now the added layer of lack of sleep. I woke up late (for me) today, which means my med protocol started late as a result. I feel like I have been burning the candle at both ends and my body is just done (for now). As guilty as I felt for resting (which I should never feel guilty about), resting was exactly what my body was craving. No exercising today, but I did do about a half hour of stretching, in the afternoon. PD or no PD...... I just needed to rest to rejuvenate. I am so glad I did the right thing for me.

It is now Sunday (January 3rd). I woke up late again today. I had breakfast, took my meds and then rested in bed as usual, until the side effects from the meds passed. Once I was ready to go, I took an online stretch and strengthen class (50 minutes). I did well, but I can feel that my body is still in recovery mode, as I just feel heavy. I am feeling pretty tight and a little slow as the day moves on and also a bit off balance. I am taking it easy once again. What I am NOT doing is feeling sorry for myself. That will do nothing but make my symptoms worse. PD..... You will Never Break Me. This too shall pass!

Benji's Secret Hiding Spot 🐶

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