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๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Gratitude is Always in Style ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Good Morning Decaf Drinkers! I am now part of your club. Today is Tuesday November 10, 2020. The time is 8:15 am. I took my meds a little late this morning, because I didn't wake up until 7:30 on the dot. I usually take my meds right at 7:30 am, but today they were pushed back until 7:45 am. What this means for me is nothing bad. I just simply take my second dose on time. I will never stop reminding you all that for the most effective outcome, it is critical to stay ON TIME with the meds. I have a Telehealth appt. with my Dr. this morning to discuss the first set of data since wearing the PKG watch. What a complete difference between my present Dr. and the last Dr. I participated in the PKG study with my last Dr. as well, but she never shared any of the data with me, nor did she send me the results. My present Dr. sent me my data report this morning, so I could look at it early and have it in front of me, when we discussed the results. Although there are lots of squiggles on charts (there are three separate reports), I kind of have an idea of what is going on with my body (as the results are written on the same pages as the squiggles are). I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say about how I am doing.

Yesterday evening I found out that my gym is fully functioning now and we no longer have to make an appointment to go. I was so excited about this development, that I immediately got my gym bag ready and charged my iPod! But then the reality of our world hit me. The number of Covid cases are beginning to spike again and the gym is a perfect place to catch the virus because of all the sweat. So..... I came to my senses and will choose some videos to work out to instead of going to the gym this morning. An intense stretching video is in my very near future.

Wow! What a great day I had today! I ended up doing two intense stretching videos. I felt very limber afterwards. The thing about having PD is that my muscles tighten up fairly quickly and have been since day one. It is imperative that I stretch daily to stay flexible and limber. Exercising truly helps with my symptoms. The days that I do exercise I feel great most of the time. The days where I do not stretch and or exercise are not always as good. My body tends to tighten up and that is when I run into trouble.

My meeting with my fabulous Dr. went great! He took the time to really explain the squiggles on each page and then we looked at what was written. Bottom line is that as long as I am strict about staying on schedule with my meds, I will continue to remain mostly symptom free. Of course this also includes exercising daily, eating clean and getting enough sleep. And..... Keeping my stress level as low as possible. My big question for my Dr. was about the morning symptoms that I feel daily after my first dose of meds. I was wondering if those symptoms showed up on the data and he confirmed that they did. The only way to stop symptoms would be to increase the Rytary with my first dose. We both agreed that I am doing so well for the rest of the day, that there will be no increase with my morning dose. The reality is that once the symptoms are gone, I am raring to go! I am feeling very hopeful and have so much gratitude for my Dr. It is very important that you find a Dr. who is a great fit and who is aware of the cutting edge technology happening for PD. You definitely want someone who is proactive and is also a cheer leader for you! For me, bedside manor is extremely important. I never again want to feel as though I am a science experiment to pump up with meds and then hope for the best. More on picking a stellar Dr. coming soon.

๐ŸŒ€ The choice is yours and yours alone. Choose Wisely ๐ŸŒ€

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