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😴 Good Night Beautiful World 💤

Buenos Dias! Today is Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Yesterday was a much much better day for me! And YES! I meant to write "much" twice! I did pretty well with med side effects. I only had one episode, which came about a half hour after taking my third Rytary dose. When it hit, it felt like there was a force field right in front of me pushing me back. Once I got into bed, I literally felt like I was being pressed downwards and held there. I ended up using Inbrija around 3 pm, because my chest, shoulders and right arm were so rigid that it literally took my breath away, and I felt like there was no end in sight to these side effects. Within 20 minutes, Inbrija kicked in and I felt much much better). The rest of the day was smooth sailing for me.

Today not so much. I will start with the good news first. I have actually been sleeping much more soundly the past few days (but I am still taking one Aleve pm at night to help me fall asleep). The last two nights, I have fallen asleep quickly and slept all the way through until 7:20ish in the early morning. A tiny miracle for sure! This morning, I had a private Pilates session at my house with Cecilia. I made sure to get up early enough to have time to eat, take my meds and then rest until the side effects were gone. Once the meds kicked in, I felt pretty good. Unfortunately, that all changed about 30 minutes before she arrived. Yet again, that feeling of utter exhaustion came over me, followed by major rigidity on my right side. Since it was almost time to take my next dose of Rytary, I used Inbrija (9:30 am) and then sat back on the couch, rather than getting back into bed. Cecilia arrived at 10, just in time to see the rigidity doing its thing to my right arm. As much as I did not want to get up off the couch, I knew that if I chose not to participate that I would suffer later. We did a ton of stretching, both on and off my reformer. Once we finished our 40 minute session, the rigidity was gone! That feeling didn't last long because within thirty minutes, I felt weird again. I have said this before and it is worth a repeat. I do have low blood sugar, so when my sugar levels drop, the physical symptoms are very similar to PD's, so I always look at the clock to see if maybe I just need to have a snack. It worked like a charm. Within 20 minutes of eating, I felt better!

The rest of the day went swimmingly (as my mum used to say). All was well until 10:30 pm. I could tell my body was getting ready to tighten up, because I couldn't find a comfy position to lay in. Sure enough, at 11 pm, my body started to tighten to the point where I had to get out of bed and walk it off. Unfortunately, my anxiety started in and I knew that unless I took an anti anxiety pill (a half), I would be up all night. So, after some time, I was able to get comfy and then drift off to sleep. Note to self..... Do not be so quick to jump on the Rytary bandwagon of increasing meds because of a momentary feeling of yuck.

🌔 Every night before I fall asleep I say these words.... "Good night Beautiful world" 💤

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