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😴 Get Some Sleep and Call Me in the Morning 🌈

Today is Tuesday August 11, 2020. I was so exhausted last night that I fell right to sleep and slept all the way though the night until my alarm went off at 8:10 am this morning. A huge victory! In the meantime, I have already eaten and taken my meds. I am resting now, waiting for that yucky feeling I always mention to pass. Cecilia will be here at 10:30 am for a private Pilates session. Wish me luck!

I am truly amazed at how different I feel today now that I had a good night's sleep! When Cecilia first arrived, I was two seconds away from telling her to go back home. I still felt crummy. But I am well aware of what can and will happen to my body if I blow her off. It would have been very easy to just go back to bed and feel sorry for myself. But I know that PD would take this as its cue to swoop right in. I just dug deep, as they say, for the strength and courage to do the right thing. Within 35 minutes of doing Pilates, I began to feel like me again! My Pilates session with Cecilia was fabulous. We worked a lot on slow stretching today. The focus was especially on strengthening my core so that I don't pitch forward when I stand or walk. As a former ballerina, I love deep stretching and I am finding that my body really responds in a positive way.

It is now 4 pm. I am having an amazing day once again. We will all have those not so good days. Those are the times when you have to reach deep into your soul and become your own best cheer leader. It also helps to have supportive people you can reach out to. If you are having a rough moment, your true friends will be there to catch you before you fall, and to remind you about what you are made of! Strength truly is an inside job. I thank my lucky stars I am doing so well and that I have a stellar support group of friends around me. However, it takes hard work and determination to persevere!

My Favorite Flower.... A Wishing Flower.... Close your eyes. Make a Wish. Blow on the parachutes until they all float away. Open your eyes. Keep your wish in your heart and it may just come true! "Wishing Flower" comes from one of my young school angels (age 5) that I taught. We can all learn from children.

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