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🍧 Cool Whip Vs. Real Whipping Cream 🍦

Good early morning! Today is Monday August 3, 2020. In my last blog entry, I wrote about how stress took over my world on Saturday, beginning in the late afternoon. I am super happy to report that I had the most awesome day yesterday (Sunday). I woke up happy and grateful to once again be symptom free! I took my meds on time, all day. I remained symptom free until after dinner (6 pm). Rather than panic, I used Inbrija and then rested until the rigidity and heaviness subsided. I think that one of the major differences is that I stayed away from sugary products all day, until after dinner (dessert). I had raspberries and blueberries topped with Cool Whip lite. Much to my dismay, I googled Cool Whip and the article said that Cool Whip = bad cholesterol. It is packed with processed ingredients. Who knew? Clearly, not me. The article recommended real whipping cream rather than Cool Whip. The good news is that you can make it at home and it only calls for two ingredients! Here are some easy peazy directions. Put a small mason jar in the freezer for 20 minutes (or until it feels frozen). Take out the mason jar, add one cup of heavy cream, a tablespoon of sugar, and shake, shake, shake! Voila! Real whipping cream, completely unprocessed and you just gave your arms a toning workout. What could be better?

After dinner, I started to feel funky, so I used Inbrija and then rested for a bit. Once I was symptom free again, I enjoyed the rest of my evening in the garden (one of my passions). I had no trouble sleeping last night, but did take an Aleve PM to fall and stay asleep. I am not going to stop taking Aleve, until I talk with my Dr. at the end of the month. Life is a Blessing.

Well..... I guess it is " Farewell" to Cool Whip and "Hello" to real whipping cream!

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