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☃️ Caffeine Made me Do it ❄️

Good morning on this very chilly Monday. Today is November 9th, 2020. Well...... Looks like I have just had my LAST caffeinated coffee yesterday. My body reacted so violently to what I thought would be a good idea to keep my body at bay. I went out for a late breakfast after my Jane Fonda workout and a ballerina's stretch session. I was feeling really good and a Cafe Latte sounded divine. All went well while we were at the restaurant. The conversation was delightful. The food was divine and my latte was so yummy. I have had trouble with caffeine in the not so distant past, but I thought that since I am doing so well, my body would be ok. Boy was I ever wrong on this one.

After breakfast, my friend dropped me off and I felt great! Within 10 minutes, PD came a knocking and decided to stay for the rest of the day. My body completely tightened up. My chest felt really heavy. My breathing became labored and my balance was off. Inbrija to the rescue! Unfortunately for me, Inbrija did not work this time. My right hand became extremely shaky and it was all I could do to get into bed and rest. I could not find a comfy position to rest in. I felt as though I had just run a double marathon and because of it, my body was spent. Unlike other times where I have gone into a panic when symptoms come out of nowhere, it actually dawned on me half way through my day that what I was feeling was a direct result of the caffeine. Once I made this realization I knew that I needed to just breathe and relax. Finally at 8 pm, the fog began to lift and my body completely calmed down. The moral of this story..... mistakes are ok, but learn from them before it is too late and you end up like I did.... In bed for the rest of the day! The good news is that today I had a wonderful day physically! No more issues like yesterday.

☕️ And.... I can still have a latte if I want. But it will be a decaf latte from now on ☕️

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