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🌻 Ahhhhh.... It's Good to Be Alive 🌻

Good morning world! It's Monday again. I slept really well last night. I must admit though, I did take an Aleve PM at bedtime. That was my last one, so now I guess it is time to try ZZZQuil. This morning, I woke up at 6:10 am and stayed in bed until 6:45 am. I ate and then took my first round of RYtary at 7:20 am. I went back to bed (although propped up on pillows) and waited for the usual yucky symptoms to come and then go. Although I started to rally around 8:00, I wasn't quite feeling 100%. I got up anyways to get ready for my Mat Pilates class. It is VERY important that I do something physical everyday, regardless of how I feel. The key to living your best life is to move everyday. Remember.... KEEP MOVING no matter how you feel. From the moment class started (9:30 am), I just felt off. By 9:55 am, I knew I was in trouble. Suddenly, this really scary wave of complete exhaustion came over me. As much as I wanted to continue on with the class, it just wasn't possible so I turned off Zoom. I have no idea how I made it to the kitchen table to take my meds (especially Inbrija, which requires set up). My right hand and bicep were shaking, and I felt extremely light headed. It was all I could do to just inhale Inbrija. I dragged myself back to bed and cried big tears. Yes, I do have those moments, but I know that the medicine will kick in and I will be ok. I don't feel this way too often, but when I do, I begin questioning whether I am getting worse or if is it just that I am late on my meds? Realistically I know I am stable and very strong, but when PD feels like getting my attention, I listen (temporarily of course). I took my second round of Rytary at 10:10 am, followed by Inbrija. My head was so heavy that I had to put my pillows flat, so I wouldn't strain my neck. This PD attack lasted for about 45 minutes. Once I felt better, I got up, walked it off and started my day. I was able to go to Michael's and then Target for coffee. I feel as though it never happened! Go me!

Reflecting on why my body crashed so hard, I think I took my meds a bit too early today. It's not really about what time I take the first dose. It is more about correct timing and consistency every day. I figured that I could go an extra 30 minutes to finish class before taking my second dose of meds. Since I was exercising, I was counting on my body to hold out till 10:30. PD of course, clearly had other ideas, and gave me a very stern reminder to stay the course with the meds. As written in a previous post, there is no rhyme nor reason to when PD symptoms are going to make an appearance. I am learning through trial and error that staying consistent with the timing of my meds and sleeping soundly are extremely crucial in maintaining an excellent quality of life.

The afternoon was much better than the morning, because I was back on track with the meds. There are so many positive things that have changed for me since finding a stellar doctor and being taken off of of most of the medications. I wake up every morning with the best of intentions to exercise no matter how I feel. Gone are the mornings where I wonder how I will ever get out of bed on my own and stand up without fear of falling. Again, I will be addressing medications I have tried and their side effects, in a later blog. Just remember to Keep Moving no matter how you feel. It truly makes a huge difference!

Even with PD, I am still up for spontaneity and fun!!

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