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Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the 2nd most common disease after Alzheimer’s disease. PD affects about 10 million people globally, with almost 1 million in the USA alone, and approximately 60,000 diagnosed each year.  Chances are you have already encountered or know someone with Parkinson’s disease.


This workshop will explain the condition of Parkinson's disease (PD), and how and why the P4P Method of exercise programming based on the Pilates Method, is ideal as a primary, non-pharmacological approach for staying fit while living with PD.  The centerpiece of the P4P program are the Pilates Method principles.  The Pilates Method is the ideal fitness training mode for ALL stages of Parkinson's disease because it is the safest, most effective for long term care, and provides easily accessible exercise for all ages, physical types, and stages of PD. 


Since PD is a progressive condition for which there is currently no cure, one must focus on attenuating disease progression and maintaining the best quality of life possible.  This correlates directly to exercise as a primary lifestyle component.


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