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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Good Morning Beautiful World! Today is Friday July 10, 2020. I wanted to share something that happened the other day. We all know that when you tell others you have PD, the thought of it can cause great concern to the listener. First gut reaction verbal comments can be hurtful. Unfortunately, those who do not have PD or are not familiar with it, can say really inappropriate things, not meaning any harm. I believe this is about their insecurities that they might get it. Two days ago, I went to pick up something that I had been waiting for. The manager of this particular store has become a friend and a strong support for me. However, she said something that didn't sit well with me. We were chatting about Covid-19, and how scary the reality of it is. Her next comment was "You have to be uber careful because of your condition". In other words, I felt she was insinuating that I am not well, and my immune system is compromised because of it. I immediately set her straight in a very kind way. I explained that I am completely 100% healthy, and that I have a brain disturbance. I certainly did not want her to feel badly about what she had said, but I know she heard me loud and clear. Our job is to educate those who know nothing about PD and to try and dispel all of the rumors. I have to say that when I heard that MJF was diagnosed with PD, my first comment was "His Life is Over". I can't tell you how wrong and misinformed I was. He has been living with PD for a very long time and he is an inspiration for me to never give up. I can't stress enough how important it is to get healthy and stay healthy in all ways (body, mind and spirit). I can assure you this.... You will be faced with many different reactions when you come clean about your diagnosis. Just remember the stigma that has been placed on the condition. You can help to change that stigma by calling people out through educative words. Remember to always be kind!

By the way, it is 12:00 in the afternoon, and I am having an amazing day! Thank you Cecilia for the great Pilates Mat class this morning :)

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