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💪🏻 I am a Cleaning Machine 🎊

Today is Sunday July 26, 2020. I got a tad behind on my blogging because of post-sleep issues from Thursday. When I am lacking sleep, I just can't think straight. When I can't think straight, I can't write. I am happy to report that I am feeling MUCH better today! Cleaning is the theme of the day. Woo Hoo! Excitement Galore! I have already cleaned my Pilates reformer and am now working on my yoga mat. Throw in a few loads of laundry and you've got the total picture of my afternoon. When Cecelia and I do private Pilates sessions, we always use my reformer. I try to clean it after every use, but it doesn't always work out that way. You may be wondering why I am writing about such menial tasks? These are small tasks that we all take for granted, because we are able to just do them easily. When you have PD, these little activities can become hugely overwhelming. PD doesn't ask questions. It comes on slowly (before you even realize you have a problem). But once it decides to stay, it does everything in its power to take over one side of your body. When your body is not functioning correctly, it makes for a very difficult situation. I was used to using both sides of my body for everything I did, to balance me out. That all changed 5 years ago, as the right side of my body suddenly became very weak. This of course meant that I had to rely on my left side to handle everything I tried to do. The bummer is that I am right handed, so to have to switch to my left side was no easy task. I could barely pick up one piece of clothing, because I no longer had the strength in my fingers to grasp or hold things. I tried my absolute best, but it was very difficult to get things done without help from friends. I also felt completely overwhelmed when trying to sort clothing or prepare cleaning products. I have always prided myself for the way I can multi-task and quickly get everything done. Now the thought of doing more than one simple task at a time shut me down with tears. I felt like I was losing my capacity to deal with life itself. That all changed when I finally woke up and realized I was extremely over drugged. With the help of my Dr. and much emotional support from close friends, I have rebounded! I am now able to do these tasks independently, all while using my right side!

Today was a wonderful day in all ways. Thank you G*d for another day to get it right.

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