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💦 Heat Wave ☀️

Good morning. Today is Tuesday September 7, 2020. We are in the grasps of a very nasty heat wave. I have been drinking tons of water and gatorade to keep myself hydrated. It is definitely working! Remember..... PD + Excessive Heat = Disaster. Forget about your old ways of pushing through the intense heat (if you had any sort of a plan)! Our biggest goal is to get through the heat as unscathed as possible. Hydrating is a must! To reiterate, I sip gatorade all day during the intense heat and drink lots and lots of water! One way to tell if you are dehydrated is to look at the color of your urine. If it is darker than normal, drink drink drink!! If you drink alcohol, I would stay completely away from it during this time. Alcohol will only dehydrate you even more. I also eat light on these days. I seriously don't want to feel weighted down of top of being overheated. I eat lots of fruits and easy to access veggies. I also love muffins and left overs (cold) when it's hot. And yes.... freezing cold fruit with real whipping cream is at the top of my list. I am lucky to have purchased an air conditioning unit a few years ago and it works like a charm. If you have air conditioning you are very blessed, but if not, find a cooling spot (they are always advertising them on the news, and they are free). Swimming is always a great idea as well! But...... try and find an indoor pool during the intense hours of the day (although with the pandemic, I highly doubt any public pools are accessible). I have been told that because I have PD, I am much more susceptible to getting skin cancer. Believe me, I wear sunblock 50 now! I do swim outdoors, but only after 4 pm, when the sun isn't as intense. Because I am at risk of falling, I either swim at my dad's house where there are always people around, or with friends at their homes. Be very careful getting in and out of the water. Better to be safe than sorry.

Another important thing that I have done for years, but even more so now, are skin cancer checks. I used to go once a year, but because of PD, I go twice a year now. We have all heard of Global Warming and about the hole in the Ozone layer. Better not to tempt fate. Mother Nature decides on the weather. We can't control that, but we can control what we do to stay safe in any type of weather. I am going to give you all my beloved grandmother's recipe for a pie she used to make on hot, hot days. I can't even begin to describe how delish and satisfying it is when it is scorching outside!

🍓 Bubbie's Jello Pie 🍒

What you will need:

*Sour Cream

*Graham Crackers

*Jello- the powder you make yourself (my fav is strawberry)

Super easy! Pick out your favorite jello and make it. Refrigerate it until it is solid. In a glass pan, (the rectangular one) line the bottom with graham crackers. Add a layer of sour cream (a good amount). Add a layer of jello. Add a layer of graham crackers. Add a layer of sour cream. Add a layer of jello, etc.... I haven't made it in years, so I am going off of memory here. Although my grandmother had every recipe she made in her head! Enjoy!

☀️ Sunscreen is the new Glow to..... 😎

Make sure it is at least SPF 45!!

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